5. Abstracts

Applause; acrylic on canvas 36×36″ 070520


Inaccessible Moon; acrylic on canvas 30×36″; 100616


Magic Wind; acrylic on canvas 36×36″; 090317


Spirit Ring; acrylic on canvas; 8×8; 080526


Delta; acrylic on canvas; 24×24; 070501


Pasture; acrylic on canvas; 24×24; 070523


Orchestration; acrylic oncanvas; 24×24; 070524


Unfolding; acrylic on canvas;  36×36; 070527


Georama; acrylic on canvas; 36×36; 070725


Annulation; acrylic on canvas;  30×36; 070919


Moonlit Night; acrylic on canvas;  33.5 x 33.5″; 050217

  1. David Hockney (not the painter)

    Hi I have just purchased two of your prints one is called drifting, the other doesn’t have a name on but is of flowers. Could you tell me what year drifting was painted.

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