2. Figures

200517 Remember When? 13×13
200509 Market in the Park 24×36
200116 Bliss 24×18
180718 Con Brio 34×40″
Friends; acrylic on canvas; 30x40"; 150201
Friends; acrylic on canvas; 30×40″; 150201
A Night Out; acrylic; 24x30;140412
A Night Out; acrylic; 24×30;140412
Adagio 30x40
Adagio 30×40″ 150203
Bliss, 30x30110324
Bliss, 30×30110324
Frolicking; acrylic on canvas; 24x24; 141029
Frolicking; acrylic on canvas; 24×24; 141029
Accent in Red  130522  24x18
Accent in Red 130522 24×18
Adagio 36x36 131026
Adagio 36×36 131026

Checking Her Obi; oil on canvas 30×36″ 030606

Reader ; oil on canvas 30×40″ 030331

Letter; oil on canvas;  40×60; 090613

Laughing in the Rain; acrylic on canvas 30×40″; 956127

Kimono; Mixed Media on Paper; 30×22″; 920430

Adagio; acrylic on canvas; 36×30″; 100127

Long Track Speed Skaters; acrylic on canvas; 36×36; 091103

  1. Trying to find stockist and cost of your paintings

  2. I have a small signed painting of a parrot and name of painting is called Paradise. Color is lite blue and size is about 6×8. Picture looks signed and than signed again below. Can you tell me what I have?

  3. I have a lovely framed “art card (?)” by you called Just Beginning of a bird carrying a worm to it’s babies. Can you tell me what decade or year this is from ?

  4. Miss Kamakura: I have a large framed signed in gold pen print with an authenticity sticker on the back showing 217/500 for “Celebration”. I am looking to value my print for re-sale. Thank-you

  5. Vicki Donnelly

    I just came across a Gorgeous ‘mate’ for my print of ‘Celebration’, purchased and signed by you in gold pen back in the early nineties… ‘Kimono’, a Geisha painted in similar style and colours. I am wondering if it comes as a Print? Thank You.

  6. Sorry to take so long to get back to you, health issues abound. Yes, my copy of ‘Celebration’ is numbered 16/500…print signed as well as having the glass signed in gold pen when you were visiting Gallery Tantalus in Powell River in the 90’s. Is ‘Kimono’ available as a print? It would look gorgeous framed in the same style as, and hanging next to ‘Celebration’.

    • Hi Vicki,
      It seems like a hundred years ago when I last visited Gallery Tantalus. It was a nice gallery and I enjoyed dealing with the owners. Back to your question…..if you are thinking about Kimono painted in a similar fashion as Celebration, it is not reproduced, and was sold a long time ago.

  7. Dear Ms Kamikura, did you paint a piece entitled ” Miyako Girl “?

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