2. Figures

200517 Remember When? 13×13
200509 Market in the Park 24×36
200116 Bliss 24×18
180718 Con Brio 34×40″
Friends; acrylic on canvas; 30x40"; 150201
Friends; acrylic on canvas; 30×40″; 150201
A Night Out; acrylic; 24x30;140412
A Night Out; acrylic; 24×30;140412
Adagio 30x40
Adagio 30×40″ 150203
Bliss, 30x30110324
Bliss, 30×30110324
Frolicking; acrylic on canvas; 24x24; 141029
Frolicking; acrylic on canvas; 24×24; 141029
Accent in Red  130522  24x18
Accent in Red 130522 24×18
Adagio 36x36 131026
Adagio 36×36 131026

Checking Her Obi; oil on canvas 30×36″ 030606

Reader ; oil on canvas 30×40″ 030331

Letter; oil on canvas;  40×60; 090613

Laughing in the Rain; acrylic on canvas 30×40″; 956127

Kimono; Mixed Media on Paper; 30×22″; 920430

Adagio; acrylic on canvas; 36×30″; 100127

Long Track Speed Skaters; acrylic on canvas; 36×36; 091103

  1. Trying to find stockist and cost of your paintings

  2. I have a small signed painting of a parrot and name of painting is called Paradise. Color is lite blue and size is about 6×8. Picture looks signed and than signed again below. Can you tell me what I have?

  3. I have a lovely framed “art card (?)” by you called Just Beginning of a bird carrying a worm to it’s babies. Can you tell me what decade or year this is from ?

  4. Miss Kamakura: I have a large framed signed in gold pen print with an authenticity sticker on the back showing 217/500 for “Celebration”. I am looking to value my print for re-sale. Thank-you

  5. Vicki Donnelly

    I just came across a Gorgeous ‘mate’ for my print of ‘Celebration’, purchased and signed by you in gold pen back in the early nineties… ‘Kimono’, a Geisha painted in similar style and colours. I am wondering if it comes as a Print? Thank You.

  6. Sorry to take so long to get back to you, health issues abound. Yes, my copy of ‘Celebration’ is numbered 16/500…print signed as well as having the glass signed in gold pen when you were visiting Gallery Tantalus in Powell River in the 90’s. Is ‘Kimono’ available as a print? It would look gorgeous framed in the same style as, and hanging next to ‘Celebration’.

    • Hi Vicki,
      It seems like a hundred years ago when I last visited Gallery Tantalus. It was a nice gallery and I enjoyed dealing with the owners. Back to your question…..if you are thinking about Kimono painted in a similar fashion as Celebration, it is not reproduced, and was sold a long time ago.

  7. Dear Ms Kamikura, did you paint a piece entitled ” Miyako Girl “?

  8. I own and have loved a “Celebration” print (17/500), signed and framed. How can I determine its value? Thanks, Carolyn

    • Hi Carolyn. I’m sorry, I’m not in the reselling market for prints. This is a limited edition print and I suppose galleries that sell prints will be able to tell you. All my art reproductions were produced and marketed worldwide by an art publisher. …..in this case Canadian Art Prints which merged with Devons in the US.

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