4. Florals

210807 Reflection 36×36
sunflower, acrylic, small painting
20210102 Swaying in the Wind 12×12
Poppies in acrylic painting
20210212 Dashing Poppies 24×36
grapes in acrylic painting on canvas
200707 Bounty 20×16
20210501 Wisteria 34×40″

Party of the Sunflowers 30x36" 130101
Party of the Sunflowers 30×36″ 130101

Iris  24×24 130605

Tulips 24x24 130315
200202 Blue Iris 24×18

Tulips 24×24 130315

111213 Waterlilies 28x38"
111213 Waterlilies 28×38″

One Day in Summer; acrylic on canvas; 36×36″; 051126

Arrangement with Fan; oil on canvas;  30×40″; 010315

Lilies & Fan; acrylic on canvas; 30×24″ 010317

Summer Dance; oil on canvas; 30×40″ 010819

Lilies; mixed media on paper;  30×22″; 920908

Ornamentals; acrylic on canvas; 24×24″; 110902

  1. Dear Ms Kamikura:
    We are in possession of one of your prints of Country Setting. Purchased from Burdett Gallery (near Guelph ON) in the mid 1990’s.
    Unfortunately this beautiful piece does not fit our colour scheme now, and we are fast running out of wall space.
    Can you direct me to someone that could place a value in your work?

    Ken & Brenda Fugler

    • Hi Ken and Brenda,
      I do not deal with prints as they are published and distributed by totally different people from my agents dealing with prints. I have no control, nor knowledge of where my prints are marketed, nor how many are sold to whom. I cannot tell you much about my prints other than to say that the gallery who sold it to you should know.

  2. Valerie Koudelka

    Hi Joyce; I have a lovely painting of yours, I believe it is an original but from what I can tell it looks like acrylic paint on top of a giclee print?? Do you sometimes add new paint to prints? Thanks Valerie k.

  3. Pamela Russell

    I just bought a print by you called “Morning Roses ” and it has a signature on the print and also below the print. The family sold it stating you personally signed the print. I am just curious if you recall a painting called Morning Roses, and where you painted it and have you ever signed prints .
    I love the painting!
    Thank you,

  4. Hi Joyce, I have one of your watercolours, Summer Bouquet. I love this watercolour, but I am of a “certain age” and making a will. Have you any idea what this print is worth please. Many Thanks Fiona

    • Hi Fiona,
      It’s a lithograph print with no limit in production. So, it’s not worth much. It was published by an art publisher who distributed world wide. I’m really not in the secondary market, so this is the best I can tell you.

  5. Dear Ms Kamikura
    Could you help us identify this beautiful artwork of yours? Titled “Field of Poppies” 28×20 with identification sticker on back and a Coast Hotel sticker on front. We are not sure if it is a watercolor or an oil. It certainly doesn’t look like a print. Thanks so much, Kelvin

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