1. About Joyce Kamikura

Joyce H. Kamikura, NWS, SFCA
Party of the Sunflowers 30x36" 130101        fullsizeoutput_8ff8       Bliss 24x24" 111220


Joyce was one of the first Canadians to be bestowed Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society (NWS – U.S.A.).  She was also one of the first women to be given the top ranking in the Federation of Canadian Artists  as a Senior Signature Member (SFCA).   Exhibitions of her works in national and international juried exhibitions have earned her many articles internationally.  Some of these include the books, Painting Composition (US), Painting Color (US), Abstract in Watercolor (US),  Best of Watercolor (US), Looking In, Lookingout (Canada); the magazines , American Artists (US), Art Impressions (Canada), Asahi Graph (Japan), Watercolour Gazette (Canada);  International Artists (Australia); Viewpoint, (Canada) and the dailies,  Vancouver Sun (Canada), and Times Colonist (Canada).

Joyce works in her studio in Richmond, B.C., painting in oils and in water based mediums including watercolour, mixed media, collage and acrylic.  But her work also takes her outside her studio.  She has painted large colorful and historical murals in Chemainus, B.C., and in Kenora, Ontario. She also conducts workshops in Canada and abroad.

Joyce was born in Steveston, B.C., spent her first 4 years in the internment camp, Lemon Creek, B.C., then in Japan for 9 years.  Her return to Canada took her to Montreal for 2 years then back to Richmond.  Years after obtaining her Bachelor of Commerce and Business Administration Degree from the University of B.C., she studied art at Kwantlen and Langara colleges.

My other site: http://joycekamikura.blogspot.com

Artist’s Statement        

My Paintings represent my personal response to my environment.  My ideas are not whole but fragments of what fascinate me and are seeds from which my works begin to develop.  As a result, although my works undoubtedly have roots in my daily living, they may be a good deal removed from reality; some of them may be quite representational while others become abstracts.  A subject leads to an idea. Then it becomes an immediate cause for me to paint, ultimately experiencing fun and struggle of permutations and possibilities deriving from that idea.  It is not so much in the final product, but in the process and struggle to bring all elements together to function in harmonious presentation in a painting, that I derive so much satisfaction and pleasure as an artist.

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  1. Shelita Jenkins

    I have a painting called The Butchhart Gardens with your name under the title. I have looked through the galleries and did not see it.

  2. Dearest Joyce What wonderful work!I went on you webpage after our phone call and enjoyed all your paintings and photos!I do love the direction your painting is going and it has a sense of fun to it somehow!oxoxoxBig Hugs, Merrilee Note:my new email address

  3. iI have a watercolor Just Beginning signed and framed , what is the year and value please. Thank you , MT

  4. Hi Joyce, I have a watercolor of a mother and daughter holding umbrella walking away from you in the rain. Really love it. I purchased it for my wife in Edmonton about 20 years ago. What is the name and value…I am sure it is not a reproduction.

    • Hi Peter,
      I remember painting it a long time ago. It is an original painting and I catalogued it. Unfortunately, it was before the digital age and I don’t have any cross-reference to go by, but to flip through each page of my catalogue manually. But if you have my catalogue number on the back of the painting, I’ll be able to give you the title. However, if a framer framed it, they normally don’t put my catalogue, just their store card. As for the price, I haven’t painted in watercolour for selling purposes for a long time, and I do not sell myself directly. So, perhaps stores can give you a better idea.
      If you find the catalogue number, please notify me at kamikura@shaw.ca for its title.

  5. Hello, I have a watercolor that is double signed with the title of “Time Together”. Would you happen to know the price on this piece? Please and thank you. Lisa

  6. Hello I have a picture signed heritage place on the back it says manuscript series 724 could you tell me what it is worth I love it

    • Hi Jean,
      It’s a poster printed in thousands many years ago, and distributed all over the world by an art-printing company. I don’t deal with prints, but I don’t think it’s worth much regardless of the size you bought.

  7. Patsy S. Downing

    Joyce, I have a picture that I believe to be a water color, titled Last Summer. It is signed on the picture and the border. It’s a beautiful and relaxing picture. I couldn’t find it on your page, can you give me details and an approx. price range?

    • Hi Patsy,
      It is a reproduction from my watercolour painting printed and distributed by an art distributor. It’s out of circulation but I have a few at home. The sizes are approximately 20×28″ (?) and 12×15″(?). My guess, without checking my catalogue and pricing, is around $45.-US for large and 30.- for smaller. If you are interested, please contact me via kamikura@shaw.ca

  8. Hello Joyce, I really enjoy your watercolors, I have a “painting” of yours titled Potpourri with your signature, I’m pretty sure it’s a reproduction but can you tell me a bit about it, like where you got your ideas from, etc. I appreciate your comments and help on this.


    • Hi Terri,
      Years ago, I was asked by Port Moody Art Club to demonstrate a watercolour painting with a one hour time limit. The painting is a result of that. Later it was printed in poster format.

  9. Gloria Mullins

    After looking more closely I can see two peope fishing in one..The other has four birds flying looks like a waterfall..They may not be winter scenes just look like it because theer is so much white in each of them.. They are lovely.

  10. Angelica Melton

    I came across one of your paintings a couple of years ago at of all places Goodwill store. It’s a beautiful painting of fish. I love the colors blues, pinks, gray. orange, peach. What I find interesting is there are a couple of spots on the painting where some white got dripped on it. anyways your signature is on the painting and I just think it’s a great painting. Sometimes when I stare at it I think the fish can just swim off the painting. LOL I can look at this painting all day and feel like I’m in another world. Thank you it has made me smile many times.

  11. HI, I just found a banner style painting of grapes and the vine, not like the one I found on your page. It has no drips running down. I saw some reference to banners somewhere, but cannot find any. I love the picture and the colors. i think it is a print, do you have the original, and was it painted in BC? I am in Winnipeg.

  12. Hi Joyce, beautiful work all over the years. I bought a home few years ago and the woman who was there before left a few paintings and two are from you. The paintings are framed, there is your signature on the painting and on the frame. One is called “Drifting” and the other one is “Lazy days”. The size is about 8 inch by 6 inch. Do you have an idea of the value? Thank you.

  13. Ray's Painting Services

    Hi Joyce , I have a wonderful watercolor of bunches of grapes on grapevines,
    Two large bunches, two smaller ones
    Custom framed at National Art Halifax
    would you mind telling me if you may have remembered painting this great painting?

    • Hi Ray,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I’ve painted grapes on grapevines many times, over many years, in watercolour, in acrylic, in pastel, in mixed media etc. But I haven’t painted the subject in the past several years. Joyce

  14. I inhereted a print with your name on it. Do you have a album of all the paintings that you painted? I would like to look it up

  15. Joyce, I have just stumbled upon some of your large acrylic on canvas paintings in a small Kerrisdale framing shop and especially like the grove of trees that is done in a slightly abstract style. Where would I see other similar paintings of yours for purchase? I understand that you do not sell directly. I am only passing through Vancouver enroute back home to Ottawa on 1 April. Cheers.

  16. Hi! I have a beautiful watercolor of yours that features sea gulls over running water and wonder approximately what I need to insure it for. It appears to be genuine, not a print and is signed in pencil over the watercolor.

    • Hi Katie,
      I don’t know where the original of that painting went to. But it was printed in thousands. I’m sorry to tell you that chances are that yours is a print; a poster, worth not much.

  17. Hi Joyce, bought your lovely Watercolour (with what appears to be coloured pencil) “Morning Glories” from Gulf of Georgia as the first piece of art in our new home after our wedding. Nice mixed media ‘vibe’. 21” x 28” 920212 (Feb 12 / 92 I’m guessing ?). Just as beautiful now as ever. 3 moves later and it’s proudly welcomes all that come to visit. It would have made a great poster card, allowing even more could have seen it’s beauty. Proud to be it’s guardian. Cam

  18. Hi I come across a painting of yours in my loft I wonder if it is worth anything it’s a beautiful
    House and garden picture

  19. Hi Joyce. I have one of your framed prints of a gorgeous grapevine. I purchased it at Basset Fine Arts for $300. It’s so gorgeous and beautifully matted and framed. 36″ wide and 20″ tall. What I don’t know is whether or not it is watercolor, acrylic, etc. I do understand you did several grapevine paintings and found one on line but mine is much more stunning. Wish I could upload a pic of it here but cannot. If you could provide me with what medium you used I would be so pleased. I do so love your work

    • As you say, I’ve done it in different mediums. So, I don’t know which one you have. Both watercolour and acrylic were printed. By your description, you probably have watercolour.

      • Thank you so kindly for your response! A friend of mine wants to buy it but I can’t part with it!

  20. Cindy Buckenberger

    Hi, Joyce I just found two beautiful framed pieces of you’re work. One is marked preview with your signature and the other is marked final review. They are absolutely beautiful. They are both of a beautiful woman, in bright blues reds pinks and fuchsia colors with only her back facing the front in the final she is holding up a mirror. Could you tell me when these were done and the approximate value. They appear to be your original work approx about 7″ tall by about 5″ wide. Just Stunning!!

  21. Carolyn MacRae

    Hi Joyce – We own an original watercolour 21 X 14 of Iris’s, and we were wondering how much it is worth. Thank you. Carolyn

    • Hi Carolyn,
      As I haven’t painted with watercolour for a long time and I’m not in the resale business, I don’t know the current market. I think your best bet is to ask any art gallery that sells framed works.

  22. Heather Dowbiggin

    Hi Joyce . i have a watercolour of gas town that i bought of yours 20 years ago 🙂 IT was purchased from art works , downtown Vancouver . We paid 575,00 has this piece increased in value ?

    • Hi Heather,
      Thank you for purchasing my work. I’m no longer with Art Works, and I haven’t painted in watercolour for the past 20 years, so yours must be one of my last in watercolour. But I remember doing a lot of the Gastown scenes, most of which were on 15×22″ watercolour paper. But your price indicates that it is probably on a 11×15″ paper. If it is acrylic, mixed media, or oil it will probably be around 800 to 900 unframed, today. Sorry, I do not paint this small any more, so it’s just a super rough guesstimate.

  23. Hello Joyce, I came across one of your paintings, “Gift of Spring”, absolutely beautiful is the first words, to come to my mind to describe the painting. Would you please give some history on the painting . Thank you

  24. Hello,

    I purchased two possible prints today they both are of an oriental geisha looking at her from the back. Both are signed in your name in pencil. One says “preview” and the other says “final review”. I was just wondering if you could give me any information they are extremely beautiful. Thank you

    • Hi Fred,
      I painted these just ages ago and they were made into art cards which are out of circulation now. Many years ago, I used to paint in mixed media and these are some of my paintings using this technique.

  25. Ms. Kamikura–I recently visited a consignment store run by a hospice in Florida and purchased a watercolor image by you. I am not sure whether it is an actual watercolor or a print. I did some research and found that the image appears to be the same image as one used on other prints called “Bountiful Harvest III” but what I have has no bible verses printed on it. It just appears to be a watercolor. It is the same image however, set in a dark green matte, with the watercolor being edged in magenta. The frame is gold with a slight green “wash.” The picture in its frame measures about 24 1/2″ X 21″.There is no number to indicate whether this is a numbered “Print” image and it looks like it is signed in pencil. Can you tell me how many prints were made of this image by you? I would really appreciate it! I really love the image and would love to know more about it. Thanks!

    • Hi Allyn,
      It is a poster, a lithograph printed in unlimited numbers. It was done many years ago and is out of circulation now. I have no control over the distribution of my prints as it is done by a publishing company. They are framed at retail level at the point of sale.

  26. Joyce I have two signed copies of your victorian porch paintings. They are delightful. Can you give me any idea of the value

    • Hi Connie,
      I’m guessing that you have prints, not originals of the images you described. I’m sorry to tell you that they are not worth much at all if they are prints. You didn’t tell me the sizes, but some were printed in full 22×30″ or smaller even in card sizes.

  27. I recently purchased a lovely water color by you. “Time Together”. It is absolutely beautiful. thank you for yoyr lovely work. Joan Hill

  28. I believe I have one of your paintings.
    Do grapes ring a bell?

  29. Hello Joyce
    I have a print of yours titled :Celebration” I would like to donate ot to a charity auction can you give me a value on it. please It would help me greatly, thanks Sheila

  30. Hi Joyce,
    I acquired a picture of a city street scene with your signature on the bottom left about 20 years ago. It is absolutely lovely and beautifully framed although I do not see a title or number on it.
    It is approx. 5 by 7. Is it possible that this is an original?

  31. I have a painting called Lazy Days. It’s an acrylic. It’s signed. Any information will be helpful. Sincerely,
    Teresa DeClue

    • Hi Teresa,
      Are you sure it’s acrylic? If you have my catalogue number I can tell you about it. Or are you referring to a poster or a card named Lazy Days, the original of which was done in watercolour.

  32. I have a beautifully framed and pencil signed and titled Lazy Days. How it made it’s way to Alto, New Mexico, USA is a mystery but I am delighted to be hanging it in our rebuilt home (original built in 2001 burned to the ground 2/3/2017). I have a special area in the master bedroom where I have a big comfy chair (with a special afghan made for me by a dear friend) by a window that I call my “serenity” corner and only pieces of art or photos that really touch me are placed. I can fancy myself by this water with the soft trees and whispy clouds and CALM – thank you for your vision. Joy Reed

    • Hi Joy,
      Thank you for your kind words. The description of your comfortable position in your surrounding sure fits the painting, doesn’t it? Or is it the other way round….the painting fits your comfy surrounding.

  33. Cameron Irvine

    Hi Joyce. ‘Morning Glories’ 920212 (which I take to be the date). Purchased for my wife on our second anniversary. < You lost out by a year to a puppy I got her for our first. 20 happy years with puppy and painting … then puppy passed. Luckily 'MG' (mixed media – water and pencil – still shines at the bottom of the stairs every day!). I always thought it would have made a fabulous poster and card, as the yellow / orange elements of the flower flesh make the surrounding green / white and pink POP. The pencil and 'quartering' of the vertical size provides a glimpse into a developing artist taking some chances. Horticulturally expressionistic (with a Japanese brush flair). I'm partial, but I think it's one of your best ever. Cam

    • Hi Cameron,
      Thank you for your kind word. I am truly gratified to hear that you are enjoying the Morning Glory painting. As much as the vines are nuisance choking up my rose bushes, they are “glorious” looking flowers.

  34. Elizabeth Sheehan

    Have 2 limited edition prints both of geishas, one is 425 of 500 portrait and appears to be mother and daughter from behind and the other is224 of 500 landscape. Bought over 20 years ago. Love both.

  35. Matilda Wallace

    Have a picture with your signature in the right bottom corner. The paperwork on the back shows Downtown 6, 860911 and 22 x 29. I believe it’s a watercolor. Can you tell me about it.

    • Hi Matilda, My record shows the painting was sold by Creekhouse Gallery in 1986. Are you the original buyer? I took many photos of downtown scenes, and painted what inspired me at the time. Looking back, it is now a history painting, isn’t it? as even downtown has changed a lot. Now my paintings are location at International Art Gallery (IAG) on Howe Street close to Georgia, and also at Vancouver Art Gallery’s Sales and Rentals area at Howe and Robson/Georgia.

  36. I Have a paining called Just the begining Love It I watch the birds outsidie at the feeder they dont mind the snow nor the rain more worms when it rains but now they need wildbird food .knowledge on the picture?

  37. Kenneth thornberry

    Hi joyce i live in seattle i have what looks like a original with pencil signature over watercolor?its very pretty has a light feeling and it has what looks like splashing from the water .very cool is it a original there is no print number or anything else on it .thanks ken.

    • Hi Ken, Thanks for your comment. It’s probably a print as I can’t tell without seeing the image and the actual image size. Also, the original should have the name of the gallery and the catalogue number. Joyce

  38. Mark Mickelson

    I have a watercolor of yours I bought 32 years ago in an art shop. It’s titled “Vancouver aquarium” on the matte surface below the print and your signature on the on the other side. Your signature is also on the picture, which I’m guessing is a reproduction. I can send you a picture of it in an email . It’s a small print. Do you know what it’s worth?

  39. Hi Joyce
    I have an original mixed media of “Getting ready “ purchased in 1994 at Bernadette’s galleries. I loved it when I first saw it wondering if you made any prints of it.
    Thank you!
    Eunice ( West Vancouver BC)

    • Hi Eunice, I doubt that I made any prints of it as most of my paintings are one and only images. But if you give me my catalogue number on the back of the frame, or send me the image photos, I can tell you for sure.

  40. Chris Abbott

    Hello Joyce,
    I believe I purchased some of your art (I know I did actually). It has your pencil signature clearly. I’m not sure if it’s an original or a print though. There is no painting name, print number, etc and it’s beautifully framed so i don’t want to take it out to find out. It’s a very bright white painting of a colonial style house with 2 ladies on a front porch, one sitting on the railing (with her back to the artist in perspective) and the other in a chair partly obscured. Would you know/recall? What the painting name is? If it’s a print or original?
    Thank you.
    Chris, Long Island, NY

  41. I purchased a watercolour painting by you called Downtown and I was wondering when you painted it

  42. Hello. I have a watercolour called “Gastown”, 22 x 29 and purchased at the Creek House gallery in 1987 I believe. There’s a catalogue number on the back, 860724. It was my parents who are now passed and am looking for a new home for it. Could you tell me about it please?

    • Hi Sandi, It is definitely one of my early watercolour paintings when Gastown offered so much inspirations for my paintings. The famous Steam Clock was located there and it attracted many tourists and locals as well.

  43. Hello Joyce. I have watercolor painting W 24″, H 18″ in metal frame 33″ by 26″. I can not understand whether it is print or poster or this is original. On the back side Written ” Heritage place” “Decanfed den 16.8. 91, Art to Motion , Burnaby BC/
    Also price 192 $. Is it normal price for original or for poster framed at that time in 1991 ? ( Today this amount equal 430$) When this painting was created ? Was this ART TO MOTION selling originals or posters and prints of yours?
    Thank you for beautiful paintings.

  44. Hi Joyce,

    I have a set of 3 paintings of yours, it may be called Grapes on the Vine. One is a larger rectangular, and then 2 smaller also of grapes. I’ve been told they may be original but I can’t tell. They are framed, and I don’t want to take them apart, so I can’t see if there is a catalogue number or not. Your signature is clear and it does look like pencel.

  45. Hi Joyce. I studied with you many years ago in Calgary at the canoe club. I kept the paintings (mixed media) that I did because they imparted so many lessons and still do. At the time we worked with making ink patterns on tissue paper, and blocking the subject in acrylic. I am so glad you are still painting and enjoying the journey.

    • Hi Kat,
      Thank you for your kind words. I still like the look of the mixed media technique, but I needed to move on to something else. Now I do acrylic and watercolour. All the best and enjoy your painting.

      • I totally understand. I am always open to moving on as well as going back. This winter I returned to my first love – watercolour – and it has been a lot of fun to be dancing with the medium again. All the best to you as well and thank you for your reply.

  46. Hi Joyce.

    I have an original watercolor of yours, signed. (I think. Lol) purchased
    In the early 80’s. Called “Blue Birds Song”. I love it. In fact just having it reframed from the gold metal frames of the 80’s.

    Can you tell me any stories about it and where I may have it appraised.

    Thank you for you Art. Judy

    • Hi July, Thank you for your comment. I’m assuming you are referring to one of one watercolour paintings, not mixed media. If you can tell me my catalogue number, I can find out about the painting.

  47. Thank you.

    The number is 860218

    • Hi Judy, Wow it’s an old one, just at the beginning of my watercolour paintings on half a sheet (22×19 ½” paper). I thought you might have bought it from a gallery on Granville Island. But this painting along with two small ones were donated for the walls of an information centre at Richmond Nature Park around 1986. Because they asked for a donations of paintings for such purposes, to some members of Richmond Artists Guild. Some artists obliged in order to support the starting of the Park in progress. But the Park people never sent me a thank you note nor an acknowledgement for receiving them, nor told me that they sold them, or gave them away. The park at the time and I believe, was an independent initiative before the city of Richmond took over.

  48. Thanks Joyce. This is interesting information.

    Yes, I recall now that I bought it at auction from Richmond on behalf of raising money for the Nature Park. I believe I paid 250.00. Around 1986. So that is coming up 40 years soon.

    I hope you are happy that I have enjoyed this Bluebird’s Song for many years now. I know I am happy to own it. It enjoys a space on a feature wall in my family room. I get great comment’s on it all the time.

    Do you have a suggestion of where I may have it appraised?

    Thanks so much.


  49. I have a set of 3 of grapes on a vine, 1 large, 2 smaller. I took one of them out of the frame, on the back says Grapes to the left 931201. Would this be a print? Thanks very much

  50. I believe both 931201 and 931202 were printed and sold as Bountiful Harvest ll and lll. If there is my catalogue number on the back, it must be my original which you can tell by the rough and heavy texture of the paper as earlier year, all prints were done on smooth paper. The original paper was 11×15″. On my catalogue sheet, I have a note “To Heather Smith Feb 18, 1994”. Heather must have bought it while I was doing a workshop as I rarely sell my paintings directly to the final buyer, but get my gallery agents to do it. Heather could have been a painter in my class. I have photos but I can’t attach it here.

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